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Many people seem to think that supporting animal shelters can only be done in two ways: by adopting a pet or by donating money. Although these are two great ways to help your local shelter, there are other ways to offer compassion. Here are some lesser-known ways you can support shelters and animals in need!

Spread The Word

To find the best pairings of people and pets, adoption shelters want to garner as much attention as possible and maximize the pool of applicants. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of breeding and pet shopping, it can be hard for shelters to showcase their furry friends. Social media has made it easier than ever to introduce cats, dogs, and other animals to a wide audience. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt, you can always spread the word on social media. 

There are many ways to get the word out by liking and sharing posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Millions of people look at their social media every day, which makes it much easier to spread the word.

Open Your Doors

While animal shelters can house many pets in need of a home, they’re only so big. Because of this, they may struggle to take in every animal that needs love and attention. This is where the general public comes in. A great way to help the shelter clear up space is to foster a few of the animals at the shelter. Not only will there be a furry friend to wake up to every day, but the animal shelter will be able to take in more animals, and you’ll help orient the pet to indoor behaviors before it moves on to its forever family!

Donate Pet Essentials

Many people who own pets often have items that they no longer need or want. Whether it’s a toy that never came out of its packaging, more kitty litter than you know what to do with, or food that your pet refused to eat, there’s likely something animal-related taking up space in your home. Because animal shelters operate on limited funds, much of which pays for the space, they have to outsource and resort to donations. To make things easier for them, consider donating things like clean towels, unused toys, pet food, brushes, food and water bowls, beds, and cleaning supplies. The pets may not say anything, but they’ll certainly be thankful to have these comforts!