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Volunteering can be a rewarding experience for young ones and their parents. In certain instances, engaging in volunteer work might help them build a network, gain practical experience and set the foundation for a career. However, many kids and teens may give of their time and efforts because they enjoy helping others. If you’re considering getting your child started with some volunteer work, here are some fantastic options.

Spend Time With People In Need

Sometimes people in need are just looking for a little company.  Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals and homeless shelters house individuals who might be ill, alone and feeling quite down. Interaction with an energetic young person might help brighten their mood and general outlook. In the process, your child can even hone in on communication skills and, more importantly, develop a respect for people experiencing challenging circumstances.

Assist Animals

Animal shelters are often in need of volunteers to carry out various tasks. Fewer experiences can offer greater reward than helping better the lives of animals. Participating in such an activity may heighten your child’s compassion.

Be Neighborly

There will seldom be a shortage of ways for your people to assist their neighbors and other individuals who frequent the area. Neighborly endeavors might include shoveling driveways, performing simple yard work, walking a dog while the owner is at work, periodically checking in on or ailing individual or distributing water to work crews on hot summer days.

Help the Environment

Young people might find volunteering for various environmental efforts rewarding. Cleanup or beautification events often occur in public places such as parks. However, smaller efforts could be initiated on local streets or in any other places that could benefit from a cleansing effort.

Start A Food Drive

Unfortunately, there will always be occasions when people experience difficult times and be in need of basic items such as food and clothing. Kids and teens can initiate food (or clothing) drives in the various establishments they frequent including school, houses of worship, parents workplaces and recreation centers.  

Initiate A Fundraising Activity

Your child may have some great ideas for identifying a specific cause to raise money for and, with your help, and the help of relatives and peers, they can begin a simple fundraising effort, such as a bake sale. When the effort is complete, funds raised can be presented to the intended individual or organization.

Helping others is a great way to give back to your local community, and teach your children the importance of caring for others.  Use some of these tips to encourage your child to volunteer when they can!