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Most people want to give back to their communities and the world. However, with the wide array of charities out there, it can be difficult to know what to do with philanthropic donations. Luckily, there are several charities that can get plenty of mileage out of donated money and resources. These are the charities that could use your donations this year! 

1) The Rotary Foundation

Out of all the humanitarian charities in the world, the Rotary Foundation has one of the broadest swath of human services work. Charity volunteers provide individuals the world over with medical assistance, but that’s not even the half of it. The Rotary Foundation also works to promote peace and help developing communities around the world, helping both retroactively and proactively. Donating to the Rotary Foundation will leave philanthropists with full knowledge that their money will help the neediest in the world.

2) PetSmart Charities

Donating to animal-based charities is at the top of many philanthropists’ lists. PetSmart Charities boasts 90 cents out of every dollar going toward helping animal welfare in the US and Canada. Giving to PetSmart charities will help charitable individuals know their dollars are truly helping vulnerable animals. And, since PetSmart houses local animal shelters in various communities, you know that your money is going towards a transparent, just cause.

3) Fisher House

As more and more soldiers come back from duty, it becomes increasingly important to support veterans in any way possible. Fisher House charities donate an impressive 93 cents of every dollar straight back to housing aid, scholarships, and money for families who have lost soldiers. This charity is truly working hard to ensure that veterans are supported once they return from combat.

4) World Resources Institute

With ever-growing concern for global climate change, philanthropists are looking for more ways to give back to the environment. The World Resources Institute is a five-star rated organization that works to combat climate change on all fronts. Working with over 50 countries, the World Resources Institute is sure to use your charitable dollars to make a positive impact on the future of our planet.

5) Donors Choose

In American society, as with any society, public education is and should continue to be a highly valuable right. However, teachers are often unable to provide adequate resources to their students due to budgetary restraints. Donors Choose allows philanthropists to find teachers with specific needs and donate the necessary resources to those educators. From needing color printers to getting basic supplies, Donors Choose allows philanthropists to actively participate in not just the donation aspect of the venture, but the investment aspect as well.