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 Donations significantly impact the lives of many. People try their best to make even the slightest difference in other people’s lives by taking the initiative to impact positively. Donations don’t always have to be money or goods. Furthermore, we all don’t have the same capabilities to give equally. Below are points outlining a few ways one can get involved in giving, however little, to impact people’s lives substantially.


This is a very noble way of giving to impact the community significantly. Spare a few hours weekly and spend them on volunteer work. Some of the activities that a volunteer can do include making calls to the elderly in their community and checking on them, help in food distribution, helping out in homeless shelters, or any activity one can think of that makes other people’s lives easier. Besides, the community-based institutions, churches, and private charity organizations are always in need of people willing to donate their time and expertise.

Donating Talents

Hobbies and skills are significantly valuable for the community. For instance, one might be talented in sewing or tailoring. Many organizations are looking for various items such as facemasks to help those who can’t afford them. Any other expertise, such as making bracelets for orphans, will significantly cause an impact on someone’s lives so don’t hold back.

Stay Connected

It’s not only strangers that need help, friends, and family too. Reaching out and staying connected is one way of giving back. Being isolated and in quarantine might cause some physical and mental health issues. It’s vital to reach out and check on people often, especially the elderly who are not on social media.

Speak Up

Many people often lean toward helping other people, making their lives more manageable, and forget themselves. Charity begins at home; taking care of ourselves first will do great when it comes to helping others.


For those who are busy or unable to donate their services or time, the money will always go a long way. If not buying food or other necessities, the monetary contributions will pay for various services like reviving a closed-down museum, significantly impacting lives.