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Millions of people worldwide have had a tough time in the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other more local issues like the Australian fires. It’s been more needed than ever for those who have money to step up and help out those currently in need. Whether you’re interested in starting a fundraising campaign or willing to give out money to others, here are some of the best charity applications you should be checking out this year. 

Square Cash

 Sometimes you might need to give out money directly to someone you know, but you don’t want to pay an enormous amount of fees. Square Cash is an application in which you can instantly send money to anyone without spending any money.

 Users looking to use Square Cash need to tie their debit cards to the application, and money can instantly be sent. Those looking to donate money to businesses can also instantly send money with only having to pay a 1.5% transaction fee.

 Square Cash is well worth using for those looking to give money directly to their friends and family members.


 It’s straightforward to forget about donating to charities when you have a bunch of stuff going on in your life. Fortunately, Cheerful makes it easy for you to donate automatically.

 When you open Cheerful, you’ll be asked to tie your bank account to the application. You’ll then be able to pick a charity in which your purchases will all be round-up with the extra change going to that charity. 

 This process makes it easy for anyone to donate their money daily without having to think about it or worry about spending too much on charity. Users looking to contribute more to a charity can also directly send a lump sum payment with Cheerful.

 Overall, Cheerful is excellent for those looking to donate large or small amounts of money to charities frequently.


 If you’re someone who has family in Africa, you’ve probably considered giving money to them, although it can seem challenging to do so. Fortunately, Sendwave is a solution that can help you with this. 

 Once users open Sendwave, they will have to tie their debit card to the application. Users will then be asked what country they want to send money to and the recipient’s account details. From there, users will be able to spend as much money as Sendwave allows for that country.

 In all, Sendwave is excellent for those that have family members living in Africa.