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Children living in poverty and under harsh regimes are often unable to enjoy a well-rounded education. In extreme cases, it’s up to concerned philanthropists to donate the time, finances, and resources to help these children grow. Education-based charities are looking for donations now more than ever. Are you going to step up and help kids in need? 

The Turing Trust

Named after Andrew Turing, the nephew of British mathematician and logician Alan Turing, the Turing Trust helps students in Malawi and Ghana by providing thousands of computers to schools. It has supported 39 schools in Malawi and 76 schools in Ghana. Thanks to this program, more than 41,000 African students have become I.T. literate. Those wishing to support this program can donate to the Turing Trust through their businesses.

Mobile Education Partnerships

An educational charity working in Myanmar (formerly Burma) that has been operative for 20 years, Mobile Education Partnerships provides teacher training in remote communities and marginalized areas. Since 2011, this charity has contributed to the preparation of nearly 2,000 teachers. It has also brought 350 teachers through Cambridge teaching exams and produced textbooks used by almost 18,000 children. People’s donations to MEP through their businesses can support this charity.

Lightyear Foundation

This foundation brings science education to children with disabilities in the U.K. To gain the interest of these students, one program, Sensory Science, is a creative and immersive experience that also provides practical knowledge that can improve their lives.

Teach for America

Teach for America funds the recruitment of top college graduates to contribute to high-risk schools. In 1989, founder Wendy Kopp assembled 100 student recruiters, who were able to launch the program after finding 489 high-performing teachers. Teach for American has been so successful that is has been made a charter program of the AmeriCorps scheme, with over 45,000 students reaching their potentials to date.

Scholarship America

Having begun as the idea of Dr. Irving Fradkin as “Dollars for Scholars” to crowd-source funding for college, this concept developed into the nonprofit educational program named Scholarship America that has contributed almost four billion dollars to millions of U.S. students. This program helps disadvantaged students to overcome educational obstacles.