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COVID-19 descended on our nation, and within a matter of a few months, the virus has upended our beloved normalcy. The crisis puts individuals in a unique position to perform small-scale philanthropic acts for local at-risk companies.

There are many ways to help a struggling local store bounce back from the brink of closure. Patrons who want to support their favorite shop, restaurant, individually owned grocer, etc., can do so by carrying out good deeds to fill the financial gap. Here are four examples of small yet meaningful philanthropic acts to help the hurting small business economy.

Use Social Media Connections To Get The Message Heard

Share relevant information like hours, sales, new items, and the fact they are following Covid-19 guidelines for the safety of their customers via personal social media platforms. Create an advertisement by taking photos of their offerings, then post and update often.


Buy Gift Cards For Later Use

Some customers frequent their favorite small businesses throughout the year. Help out by purchasing gift cards for future visits, immediately putting urgently needed funds in their coffers. You can also shop for future celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and major holidays.


Set Up A Crowdfunding Effort For A Group Of At-Risk Businesses In The Community

Crowdfunding platforms are a great way to raise donations in moderate sums to help several businesses at once. Set up an account in mere minutes and help a business market its story and find support!


Use The Influence Of One Business To Help Another

Companies not affected by the unstable economy can use their resources to help establishments suffering a financial set-back by ordering needed supplies, gift cards, or food for corporate events, personnel awards, and special occasions. Also, placing a contract for a specified period with the business to guarantee the purchase of those items. Deals for a failing company are like future money in the bank.


No one person can save the hard-hit small business economy by themselves. If most individuals and other businesses do just one of these or other acts of philanthropy, it’ll make a dent and hopefully bridge the gap back to prosperity.