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Pinterest is popularly recognized as a beloved social media app for those who love trying new recipes, curating new styles and sharing photos. Thanks to their most recent initiatives, Pinterest is now leading the masses in its plans to make a social impact for years to come. The company started the efforts by placing Ari Simon in the position to lead in the areas of social impact and philanthropy. Simon joined the Pinterest team in July of 2020. Since then, there are three distinct areas the company plans to focus on in order to impact the globe. Volunteerism, charitable giving and an employee match program will be the main focal points of Pinterest’s social impact initiative.

During each calendar year, Pinterest employees will receive five days off in order to volunteer and serve their local community through various community service projects and initiatives.

Employee Donation Match Program
While the nonprofit organizations must be approved and qualified by Pinterest, employees can donate funds. For every dollar that’s donated, Pinterest will match it up to $1,000. Employees can choose to donate one large lump sum to a particular organization. Alternatively, they can opt to donate smaller amounts to a number of charities throughout the year. Within one calendar year, the company will match any dollar donated to any charity that’s within the $1,000 limit.

Charitable Giving
Pinterest’s philanthropy program designated 250,000 shares of stock to a grant program that specifically addresses emotional well-being, stigmas and inequities due to socio-economic status and race. With this stock portfolio equaling about $17 million, this effort will provide awareness, tools and change in order to address challenges within communities such as the COVID-19 pandemic, racial inequities and more.

Pinterest is certainly a company to watch in 2021. By placing Ari Simon as the head of social impact and philanthropy and implementing the three initiatives, Pinterest plans to make impactful efforts in impacting social change for the long haul. By leading in this effort, Pinterest will serve as a catalyst and example to companies regarding how to properly integrate social awareness, impact and change into the workplace culture. As more companies follow suit, this can set the stage for global transformation within the realms of social impact.