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The holidays are coming, and that means Jack Frost is nipping at everyone’s noses. Soon, snow and ice will grace landscapes across the nation, lakes will freeze over, and bare branches will tremble in chilly breezes. The cold time of year is especially hard for those who are less fortunate. If you’re feeling that holiday spirit this year, consider donating a few of the following items to offer warmth this holiday season.


Most households have a surplus of linens. Those unused ones collecting dust in your closet or basement could help an individual or a family sleep comfortably this winter, especially if they can’t afford to run their heater often. As long as the sheets are clean and warm, they’ll be appreciated.


An outdated or gently-used coat may not be up to par for your fashion standards, but it might make the perfect gift for someone in need this winter. Generally speaking, fashion is a luxury, and necessity often pays no mind to syle. Warmth is what matters when it’s cold out. Again, be sure it’s free of stains and stenches!


There’s nothing better for combating the cold than a nice pair of winter socks made of wool or some other insulative material. Even ordinary cotton socks can make a difference in someone’s life. In fact, socks are one of the most highly demanded items during the winter season! Buy a pack from the local store and send them over. And, if you want to get in the habit of donating socks year-round, take one pair from each pack you purchase and donate that!


Everyone’s got a few pairs of shoes lying around the house that they don’t use, some of which may be new. They also may be worn, but if they’re gently-used, then they will be plenty useful to someone. Take a quick look at your collection of footwear and consider donating those kicks that you probably won’t ever use again, if at all.


Hats can be so cozy during the wintertime, and make for a perfect item to donate. The best types of hats to donate for cold conditions are cotton beanies because they’re warm, and they can stretch to fit on almost any head. However, practically any style of hat is helpful in battling the winter cold. Run down to the store, grab a few, and donate those to help the less fortunate stay warm and safe this holiday season.