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There are numerous charities existing that many of us have not only heard of but also volunteered for, or donated to.  Ronald McDonald House Charities, established in 1974, is an upstanding charity that’s funded proceeds go directly to the costs of housing families with ill or seriously injured children.  While most are familiar with Ronald McDonald, and the big yellow Mcdonald’s arches, some are unaware of Ronald Mcdonald House Charities, and the services they offer.  Often times, families in need seeking help from RMHC have children suffering from potentially terminal illnesses such as pediatric cancer; a majority of RMHC families are affected by this.  Hospitals specializing in these cases and many others, partner with RMHC to offer their services to participating families.  

Families with critically ill or injured children face a multitude of emotional, mental, and financial hurdles that the average family usually wouldn’t have to experience.  In addition to the emotional stress of having a sick child (there isn’t much worse in the world), the financial impact due to medical bills and treatments can be extremely overwhelming.  It is in cases such as this, where Ronald Mcdonald House Charities (and others alike) offer a significant amount of assistance to suffering families.

Families that are working with RMHC have a few different assistance options they can utilize depending on their situation.  Currently, families seeking assistance from RMHC can receive short or long-term housing at a Ronald Mcdonald House, an in-hospital stay at a Ronald McDonald Family room within the participating hospital their child is being treated in, or remote care from Ronald McDonald Care Mobile.  

Ronald McDonald House

A Ronald McDonald House provides families with ill or injured children affordable housing while their child is receiving treatment.  Generally, this is available for families with children from infant age to 21; depending on the house, the age limit may be 18 due to a high demand for rooms.  While the costs to operate and house families typically run $50 – $100 per night, families are able to stay for no cost or a possible donation of up to $25 per day.  However, in no case is a family turned away for being unable to pay. Services within a house can vary but every house offers standard home-cooked meals, private bedrooms, and playrooms for children.  

Ronald McDonald Family Room

Participating hospitals offer families with the option of staying within the hospital in which their child is being treated in a Ronald McDonald Family Room.  The family room gives parents the ability to stay close to their child, work closely with medical teams, and offers parents in-house amenities such as a kitchen and shower area, sleeping arrangements for during the day or overnight, and laundry facilities.

Ronald Mcdonald Care Mobile

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile is a mobile pediatric care unit that serves communities in need.  The vehicles are 40 feet in length and provide state of the art medical care that travels to the area of the patient.  Services within RMCM include, but are not limited to, primary care, immunizations, blood collection, vision and hearing screening, and nutrition counseling.