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There is such a vast array of charities the world over that it can be hard to determine which organization to support. That’s why it’s essential to categorize charitable organizations by cause; how else are you going to find the one that closely aligns with your heart’s calling? Let’s break down charities into five main groups. From there, feel free to explore any subgroups and discover the perfect organization for you to support! 


Animal charities are ones that you’re likely quite familiar with. From shelters to funds, international efforts to hometown heroes, there are plenty of ways that you can support all creatures great and small. If you want a few examples, feel free to look into wildlife conservation efforts, no-kill shelters, animal sanctuaries, and humane zoos. 


Access to education should be an unalienable right, but centuries have passed with men and women still fighting to provide knowledge to the masses. While there are plenty of education fights to be had overseas, there are many ways to support domestic efforts to spread the power of learning. Experimental education, such as free-range and Montessori schools, scholarship programs, and after-school events, are just some of the many ways that knowledge is shared.


Health is a huge industry, not least of all in the realm of charities. Given that health can cover physical fitness, mental wellness, vaccinations, and many other self-care categories, this is probably the broadest charity type out there. Additionally, many of the health charities we see are to support those with diseases and disabilities, both physical and mental. 


Environmental charities focus on the world, the changing climate, and mitigating large-scale disasters such as rampant deforestation. These look toward bettering the planet for future generations. Causes here would include conservation and preservation, including support for national parks and other natural beauties.


Art is the expression of culture, emotion, and viewpoint. Through these charities, heritages and cultures can be preserved and enjoyed. These causes include museums, libraries, historical societies, and performing arts. Art charities are easy to support locally, and with such a variety of art out there, everyone can do their part!